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    Multi Axis CNC Turning and Milling Specialists

    Precision Engineering

    Here at Doosan, our goal is to exceed our customers’ expectations. We work very closely with our customers, taking into account their priorities and objectives to deliver an exceptional service, by creating quality precision components.

    Our Specialisms

    Multi Axis CNC Turning

    All the turning centres at Doosan are equipped with live tooling to create complex mill/turned components. We utilise the latest Multi Axis machine tools and employ advanced cutting tool technology to achieve this, where possible, in one operation. We have also invested in Lights Out techniques to enable un-manned machining, which helps to reduce costs and lead times.

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    Our Specialisms

    Multi Axis CNC Milling

    The VMC (Vertical Machining Centres) at Doosan are equipped with high power 12000 RPM spindles and were chosen for their features and flexibility. They also have generous table sizes and work envelopes. This assists with work-holding and allows us to run multiple vices and/or fixtures for larger components. For those components with complex 3D surfaces, we employ the latest version of OneCNC, with its extensive library of cutting tool strategies for rapid metal removal.

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    Plant List

    Our machinery

    We pride ourselves on being skilled technicians, but our job is made easier by using some of the greatest technology available on the market. These are some of our machines.


    Doosan DNM 400 II

    Set up for high volume production, the DNM 400 is a highly productive and accurate machining centre.

    • 760mm x 400mm working area
    • High power Direct Drive 18.5KW 12000RPM spindle
    • Quick change 30 STATION ATC

    Doosan Lynx 300M

    Doosan Lynx 300M

    With a built in tooling setting probe and parts catcher, the Lynx 300M is a flexible and versatile machine. Along with the built in bar-feed, it can self-load bars up to 3” diameter. The 12 Station Servo-driven BMT55 Milling Turret allows large turning and milling tools to be used.

    • Max Turn 450mm diameter x 700mm long
    • 15KW Main Spindle 3500RPM
    • 5.5KW Milling Spindle 5000RPM

    Doosan Lynx 220LM

    Doosan Lynx 220LM

    A high speed turning centre with a parts catcher, a built in bar-feed, and a bar capacity of 2” diameter. With a 12 station half-index BMT 45 milling turret, it allows various tool configurations to be used to help reduce set-up times.

    • Quick change collet system
    • 15KW Main Spindle 6000RPM
    • 3.7KW Milling Spindle 6000RPM


    Doosan DNM 500

    The DNM 500 is equipped with a 10” diameter 4th axis unit and an extended memory Fanuc data server. This allows complex parts to be milled complete in one operation.

    • 1020mm x 500mm working area
    • High power 18.5KW 12000RPM spindle
    • Quick change 30 station ATC

    2 x DOOSAN LYNX 220 LSYC

    Doosan LYNX 220 LSYC

    The Lynx 220 LSYC is a sub-spindle turning centre with Y-axis milling capability. The short magazine barfeed with 65mm capacity and the parts conveyor allows for lights out machining. Fully programmable C-axis on both spindles allows complex parts to be produced with guaranteed alignment between the front and rear faces. With an 8” chuck on the main spindle and 5” on the sub-spindle, it allows for a wide and varied range of parts to be manufactured. It also comes equipped with the same 12 station half-index milling turret found on the 220LM.

    • 5.5KW SUB SPINDLE 6000RPM

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    Our Process

    The three stages of precision engineering


    Planning is fundamental to the efficiency and accuracy of the finished component and this is where a detailed work plan will be drawn up. The materials and processes that are incorporated in our components come from an approved supplier list of companies, with documented quality procedures in place. This is all completed through the use of Mie-Solutions MRP system.



    Only when the planning phase is complete will the job be released for production. This will take place on our high quality CNC machinery using top-quality cutting tools predominantly supplied by Ceratizit. Manufacturing components is a highly important process of ours that is required to be accurate and reliable with each and every component.


    All components are inspected both during manufacture and after post-processes have been completed. This is in accordance with the ISO 9001 standard. This ensures that only components that conform to the drawing standard are despatched to the customer.

    About Us

    Industry leaders in precision engineering

    Located just east of Nottingham city centre, here at Doosan Precision Engineering we specialise in CNC Turning and CNC Milling services. Grown from a small, local business in 2010, throughout the years, although our team may have expanded, we still provide the same personalised care for each of our clients.

    At Doosan we understand the needs and expectations of our clients and our reliable and professional team here at Doosan can help you achieve your business goals today.

    Our Mission Statement

    We are commited to providing the very best possible CNC solutions to every single one of our clients.

    Here at Doosan, we’re specialists in one-hit machining. As an ISO 9001 accredited company, incorporated in 2010, we strive to achieve top quality products and on time delivery. We use the latest advanced CNC technology machinery and cutting tools. We are also able to offer Kanban and Stock Inventory delivery systems.

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